About Belgrade

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the third largest city in South-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens. Just over 1,700,000 people live in it. Belgrade is the city of youth. More than 40% of its citizens are between 15 and 44 years of age. All citizens of Belgrade love to talk of the spirit of the city. Open and ever ready for fun, many Belgraders will claim to be true hedonists – and many of them really are - knowing all there is to know about good food, wine and music. The citizens of Belgrade like all sorts of things: pleasant conversations and long walks, drinking their morning coffee or days off work, they also love it when they find freshly baked warm bread in the local bakery. They like being in motion and therefore the streets, walkways, cafes and restaurants are always filled with people. More importantly, Belgraders like everyone, so get to know Belgrade by getting to know Belgraders!Let them take you, because there are places in Belgrade you must definitely see and experience. Streets, squares, monuments, parks, drinking fountains, archeological sites... and other sights that deserve recommendation. Many of them have been given the status of cultural assets.

    There are many reasons why somebody should visit Belgrade. Belgrade’s diverse and unique nightlife may be one reason. Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, was not always at the top of places to visit. But in recent years Belgrade has made a name for itself and emerged as the ultimate party city, some would say little Berlin, sexy and charming.

    Some would ask ,,Does anyone work here? “. Streets, bars, restaurants and hip cafes are full all the time. Whether it ‘s winter or summer, Saturday or Monday everything is buzzing. Well, the thing is, Serbs just love to party and enjoy their nights for days. The truth is, everybody will give the last dime just to have good time. It’s just a lifestyle, Serbian lifestyle.

    The usual night starts with gathering at one of many bars around 10. Whether you prefer loud, fancy, a bit pretentious or luxurious bars or you just want to chill with sounds of jazz or in a pub u will find what you are looking for, probably even more. These atmosphere places are full of positive energy, where people are always ready to party. So, order yourself a rakija ( local brandy ), say cheers to a local by looking him in the eyes, smile and start. After a few hours and drinks you are ready to cruise the clubs.

    Clubs are all over the city center which is a walkable scale. That is the reason that pub/club crawling is so common. Besides your trip to the other even nextdoor place might turn into adventure or the moment of your life, you will stumble upon happy Serbian crew who will invite you to a drink/dance. You won’t feel as a stranger in Belgrade, you will become a Belgrader. Wonder how? Well, Belgrade is full of young, party people very interested in where you come from, and are you enjoying Belgrade, they are the heart of the city. Most of them speak English, in addition they are very friendly and welcoming, so even if they are not able to speak they will gesticulate and show you the way around. Serbs love to mingle, so a group of three will soon turn into a group of ten, along with you. These people that you meet so spontaneously will make your night a memorable one. Just go with a flow.

    Clubbing in Belgrade is very different in summertime and winter time. During winter everybody goes to Savamala. It is the new party and arty district in Belgrade which has been transformed from abandoned industrial warehouses into artistic and social places. Savamala is currently the most creative area and the center of the city’s club life. You can choose from luxury Brankow, underground Mladost, hipster KC Grad, sounds of 80’s at Ludost, bar Prohibicija, concept space Mixer house, Dvoristance pub (hidden in a private house).

    During summertime if you want to party until morning go to the floating river clubs on the river Sava. It is actually a row of floating clubs, each with different music blasting. From traditional folk music, to electro, trance, drum’n’base, disco, punk and rock. Club Sound, River, Plastic, 20/44, Joker...and many, many more. Don’t pick one just hop on and off to the next one. This will definitely be crazy nightlife experience which you won’t find anywhere else.

    So the sun is up, but the night is not over. Drunk of rakija? Don’t worry about the hangover, Serbs got the solution for that - it is common that after crazy night you deserve even better breakfast, and you couldn’t make it better then going to a local bakery and grabbing a quarter of traditional burek and a glass of yogurt. Trust them it will save your life and you will forget you ever had a hangover. Now you are ready to go to sleep and prepare for a new day and night in never sleeping city of Belgrade.

    When you leave Belgrade your only regret will be why you didn’t stay a few days more.